HERST Minister, Hon. Francis Taman Marus
HERST Minister, Hon. Francis Taman Marus

The Minister is responsible for providing leadership and policy with regard to higher and technical education, and research, science and technology in accordance with the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2014.

The current Minister, is the Honourable Francis Taman Marus, MP, who assumed office in July 2016.

Brief profile of Honourable Francis Taman Marus

Personal Information

  • Place of Birth: Nahavio,  Kimbe, WNBP
  • Year: 1969

Primary School Education

  • Galai Community School (Gr 1-6) 1976 – 1981
  • Hoskins High School (Gr 7 – 8) 1982 – 1983

High School

  • Ulagunan Private High School (Gr. 9 -10) 1984 – 1985

Tertiary Education

  • Vunadidir University Centre (Matriculation Attainment) 1995
  • Public Policy Management, School of Public Policy & Business Management (UPNG 2012)
  • Executive Masters in Business Administration, School of Public Policy & Business Management (UPNG 2015)

Personal Achievements

  • Sports – Former Kimbe star forward (basketball)
  • Former Kimbe Bulls forward (rugby league)
  • Recorded a music album with CHM in 1989 (Kipes Band)
  • Helicopter Pilot Licence – Melbourne Avionics School 1998
  • Self- made Businessman/ Entrepreneur before entering politics

Political Career

  • First contested the Talasea Seat in the 2002 General Elections and came third under the National Alliance ticket
  • Re-contested the 2007 General Elections and won the Talasea Seat
  • Appointed Deputy Speaker of the 8th National Parliament
  • Re-contested the Talasea Seat in the 2012 General Elections under the PNG Party banner and retained his seat.
  • Stayed in the Opposition as a Shadow Minister
  • In 2014, He moved to the Government ranks
  • In July 2016, he was appointed the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, the post he currently holds.

Minister’s Message

Minister’s Speeches