It is always pleasing to see individuals seeking to learn more about the work of the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

The role that higher and technical education sector has to play in advancing the future if Papua New Guinea should not be underestimated.

PNG’s Vision 2050 aims for PNG to attain middle-income economy status by 2030 and become a ‘smart, wise, happy and wealthy’ nation by 2050.

This aim centres upon Human Capital Development, Gender, Youth and People Empowerment, and therefore, of course, upon higher and technical education.

Over the last decade, PNG has experienced an unprecedented and exciting period of economic growth. Looking forward, our country needs to minimise its dependency on minerals and petroleum, and develop its manufacturing, services, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and eco-tourism sectors.

Consequently, our country must develop the necessary skills, knowledge and innovation to achieve this economic shift, and also to support the emerging collective needs of our changing society.

The study opportunities offered in our universities and colleges must form an informed set of education possibilities tied to our national interests. We must foster research that informs education, supports industry, and contributes to PNG’s development.

As a sector, we have a huge challenge on our hands. I firmly believe that with united hands, determination and heart from all involved parties – including universities, colleges, other government departments, church agencies, international partners and students – we can rise to this challenge.

God bless you.


Honourable Malakai Tabar
Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology