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Acting Secretary, Prof. David Kavanamur.
Acting Secretary, Professor David Kavanamur.

Our sector is entering an exciting new phase, with increased recognition from the community about the contributions we can offer to ensure Papua New Guinea achieves its long-term national development aspirations. Over the next few years, our Department will be making concerted efforts to ensure that it successfully leads and supports the sector to respond to this challenge.

The year 2015 was particularly busy, with the introduction of the new higher education legislation, the launch of the National Higher and Technical Education Plan 2015-2024, and the establishment of the Department and its first Corporate Plan – all in the same year.

Over the next few years, we look forward to working hard with universities and colleges and other partners to improve the quality and relevance of higher and technical education, to ensure that it is accessible to a wider number of students, and to support innovative research that is meaningful to our nation’s development.

If you are an aspiring student, parent of a student, or graduate employer, we hope that you will bear witness to some of these developments and that your experience with higher and technical education will be much richer for these efforts.

God bless you

Professor David Kavanamur
Acting Secretary
Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology