2014 Annual Survey of Institutes of Higher Education (ASIHE) Report

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The Annual Survey of Institutions of Higher Education (ASIHE) is a major annual activity of the Office of Higher Education (OHE). It forms part of the monitoring and evaluation process by which data are collected, collated, processed and analysed to track the sector performance against the Government’s development targets. In addition, the ASIHE provides information for policy formulation and development programme planning and project management.

This report provides an analysis of key higher education indicators such as graduates, enrolments and staffing. Methods of analysis include tables and chart analyses as well as ratios. Other analysis includes comparisons and Equity (Gender) analysis.

Major findings include:

  • A total of 31, 753 Students were enrolled, of which 86 percent are on Full-time studies
  • Only 28 percent of the total Enrolments benefit from TESAS awards
  • 53 percent of the total enrolment are in Universities while Non-Universities which include Teachers Colleges, Technical Colleges, Business Colleges, Nursing and Miscellaneous Colleges comprised of 47 percent
  • Almost 41 percent of a total of 9,965 graduates are from the Universities
  • The Universities’ employees make up 71 percent of a total of 4940 staff in the higher education institutions.

There are some limitations on the completeness of the report because some institutions did not have all the data available at the time of the survey. Those who use this annual publication can contact the individual institutions to verify the data.

Continuous efforts are being made each year to minimize errors. Although institutions need to complete the data instruments by themselves, OHE officers visit most institutions to help compile data. Institutions are encouraged to update and correct the data presented in this report. Users of this publication are also encouraged to contact the institutions.

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