Dear Vice Chancellors, Directors, and Principals,

As you are already aware through the DHERST Circular dated 8th February 2016, DHERST has completed a review and revision of the TESAS policy, culminating in the production of the TESAS Handbook of Policy and Procedures 2016. One of the immediate changes formalised in this document is the 60 percent increase in the value of various components of TESAS scholarships.

Consistent with this TESAS Handbook, I wish to now inform institution heads, registrars, and bursars at universities and other institutions of higher and technical education that, commencing first semester 2016, all Fortnight Allowances (NATSCHOL/Pocket Allowances) will be disbursed directly to students through their individual bank accounts.

This revised process will reduce administrative burden on your institution. However, during the transitional phase, we request your support with collecting the required documentation. In particular, we have requested that all TESAS (AES and HECAS) students submit their bank account details and supporting documents to your Registrar or Bursar’s office, using the attached form.

These documents should then be submitted to DHERST along with your confirmed student registration list.

For your information, the following student supporting document is also required: A copy of the student’s registration paper. (We recommend the student provides and attaches to the form)

To ensure students receive their allowance in a timely and efficient manner we have requested students take heed to the following before submitting their bank details to your bursar/registrar’s office:

  1. Make sure they check their bank accounts are valid/current (and not closed or dormant);
  2. Make sure their bank accounts are under their school registered name (and not other third party name);
  3. They TRIPLE check their account details before submitting; and
  4. They note that BSP is the preferred commercial bank. Allowance payments can be paid into other major commercial banks, however the transaction time may take longer.

We kindly request the support of your registrar/bursars office with ensuring students submit their details and supporting document. DHERST officials will visit some institutions during and after the registration period to assist with collecting student bank details.

For further information please contact Steven Matainaho, Acting Executive Manager – Sector Funding DHERST at 3012059, 79159632, or


Yours Sincerely,

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David Kavanamur

David Kavanamur

Professor David Kavanamur is the Secretary for the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology (DHERST).

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